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1PointMail offers more of the features serious marketers are looking for at a budget-stretching lower cost than any other provider.

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Hyper Local Tracking

Hyper Local Tracking

Today’s marketers understand that the world is moving toward “Hyper-Local”. That means your messages need to be precisely targeted to your prospects, not only in terms of their attributes, behaviors (likes and dislikes) but also in ways that are relevant to them geographically. 1PointMail includes Geo-IP tracking that gives you detailed reports of where individuals are when they open or click your emails. See the results on a highly detailed map with pin locations for each open and click activity or download them for review later.

Geo Segmentation

Geo Segmentation

While “Hyper-Local” tracking lets you understand the geo-patterns of your customers, Geo Segmentation lets you tailor your messaging to users based on these patterns. For example, if you want to target individuals who open or click near one of your retail establishments, you can easily do so with Geo Segmentation. You can combine Geo segmentation with other attribute segmentation to make your marketing efforts even more effective.

Easy A/B Testing

Easy A/B Testing

1PointMail sets new standards in making A/B Testing simple and easy for a marketer to execute. Once you specify the percentage breakdown, 1Point will break up your list into the appropriately randomized sub-lists and will even monitor and select the winning content, automatically routing that winning content to the rest of your list. Simple slider controls make setting up A/B tests a breeze.


Push Button Analytics

Marketers need tools to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Often the best measure is not just clicks and opens, but actual conversions (Sales). By clicking a button at send time, 1PointMail lets you put tags into your links that allow Google analytics or Adobe analytics to track the source of conversions as coming from your email. Now you can track email’s contribution as easily as other referral sources such as ad-words.

Better Deliverability

Deliverability is everything when you’re paying for email marketing technology. If you’re using a provider that doesn’t optimize for contingencies such as throttling, blacklisting, or bad list hygiene, you’re throwing away money. Managing a successful campaign is a 24/7 job.

Unfortunately technology can only do so much, which is why 1Point goes above and beyond the competition. Our proprietary IP warming process and reputation enhancement program ensures that your campaigns will deliver better using our technology.

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List/Contact Management

List and contact management are critical to any email marketing solution and we aim to make this task as easy as possible.

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Campaign Management

Our user friendly UI and step by step campaign manager makes creating your mailings super simple.

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Email Campaign Management Solution

Analytics Reports

We provide Targeted, Delivered, Bounced, Opened, Unopened, Clicks, Forwards, Unsubscribe, Tracking Links, and Advanced Reports.

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User Account Management

This feature will allow you to create client sub user accounts under each main user account and customize that user with a company Logo (white labeling).

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Download/Export Management

Our product is designed to give you complete control over your information. You can export your full lists or entire contact database into csv or .xls format.

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Auto Mapping for Import List

Simply assign your column headings to match one of the default or 50 custom fields and our system will automatically assign your column header field.

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