Enjoy best-in-class Email Marketing tools

Manage Lists Effortlessly

Manage Lists & Contacts - Import various file types like Excel and CSV. Once your lists are imported, we manage them with simple bounce rules.

Segment - Segment your lists based off past campaign statistics, demographics, or any query you'd like.

Import with Ease - Import contacts or update existing members. You can even do both at the same time!

Download / Export Contacts - Export full lists or your entire contact database into an Excel or CSV file.

Auto Map Import Lists - Assign column headings to match default or custom fields, and our system will automatically match them to the corresponding field in the database.

Import Notification Email - Receive a status summary email when your imports are complete.

Custom Field Creation - Create up to 50 additional custom fields unique to your data.

Merge Lists - Quickly merge contacts from one list to another existing list or a newly created list.

Track Real-Time Results

Analytics - View and download detailed reports of bounces, opens, clicks and unsubscribes. Downloadable formats include Excel, CSV, Text & PDF.

Spam Checks - Quickly check the spam scores of any campaign to ensure emails arrive in the inbox.

Monitor Account Activity - View the total number of emails sent within a specified time frame and break down targets, delivers, bounces and more.

Deliverability Comparison - View statistics between your campaigns and make minor tweaks to increase deliverability.

Google/Adobe (Omniture) Analytics & Tracking - Utilize Google Analytics ® and Adobe Analytics ® to define tracking parameters and analyze the success of your campaigns.

User Management & Permission Settings - Create sub user accounts under each main account and customize individual users with various permission level settings.



Optimize Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Management - Create mailings using our step-by-step campaign manager. Create templates, simple text emails or HTML emails with ease.

Template Creation - Create a template by working with our design team or by using our extensive editor. You can also import previously designed HTML templates.

Subject & Email Personalization - Personalize the subject line and content of your message specifically for each targeted contact.

Test Campaigns - Manually enter contacts or target a seed list to run a test campaign.

Auto-Scrape Opportunity - Pull content from a webpage and add it to an email campaign. The process is automated and makes adding content simple.

SMS & Text Marketing - Don't juggle multiple platforms. SMS services are seamlessly integrated with our platform and are easily used with your email marketing campaigns.

Increase Email Deliverability

Bounce Rules - Set Hard Bounce & Soft Bounce rules according to your send volume and usability to maintain a positive online presence.

Email Suppression - Having issues with a particular ISP? Suppress unwanted domains by campaign, by list or from the entire database. Suppress manually or import a bulk list.

Domain Suppression - Suppress domains that may be temporarily throttled in order to maintain your online reputation.

Reputation Enhancement - Boost your reputation and delivery rates with our industry leading Reputation Enhancement services. We speed up the process and make it easy for you.

Access Features Easily

1Point API Platform - Our platform supports a robust API that lets you use all of the essential features without needing to access the application.



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